The Self-Marking Tape Measure Makes Projects A Breeze


If you live alone it can be rather hard to tackle do-it-yourself projects. Seriously, how many times have you tried to juggle a tape measure and a pencil and make correct markings? Is it next to impossible task to achieve? And if your markings are wrong your project is going to end up screwed up. So you end up cursing and throw in boards around the house and have to restart the project again.

Thankfully there is a new product on the market known as the Self-Marking Tape Measure which is going to make your do-it-yourself projects a lot more efficient and easy. I am actually quite surprised this device has not shown up in hardware stores a lot sooner than it has. It simply has a graphite At the bottom of the tape measure which easily allows you to mark your proper line. Once you have measured up the board or object you are measuring, you just wipe the tape measure to the side and will leave a mark of the correct measurement.

This is an essential tool for anyone who does a lot of at-home projects or repairs by themselves. Never again are you going to get your measurements wrong or get frustrated over having to use a tape measure. This is one of those tools that should be in every single toolbox!

Self-Marking Tape Measure
$25.49 From Amazon

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