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Start A War On Pain With This Out-Of-This-World Self Massager


You probably wouldn’t be able to guess that this giant yellow pronged swivel stick is a self-massager. It looks more like a science fiction weapon, or an exotic musical instrument.

But this doohickey is actually a very sophisticated and effective Self Massager!

Most adults regularly experience sore muscles and body aches, whether it be from strenuous exercise or sitting at a desk too long. A massage is needed to iron out the kinks, or one stands the risk of developing more serious problems in the future. So, nip that in the bud and try this Self Massager.

Pressing the 9 prongs into pain-relieving trigger points can help blood flow more effectively to tense areas, and maximize pain relief and healing. The 19 x 13 dimensions of the Self Massager allow you to reach all areas of your body. It’s a godsend for those ropy upper back knots, but its unique shape can also alleviate that cramp in your calf or foot. The angled handles let you apply as much pressure as you need to smooth out every muscle group.

Experience some myofascial pain relief similar to that of a deep tissue massage when you use this Self Massager. You might have to start paying yourself as your own RMT!

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