Shark Slippers

These Shark Slippers Are Hungry For Feet!


Many people have a love hate relationship with sharks. We love that they live far, far away from our delicate fleshy bodies, but we kind of hate that they are terrifying harbingers of doom.

Do you want to enjoy sharks at your own comfort level? Dry, indoors, and out of imminent danger? You may be interested to know that this completely benign version of the genus shark only lives to keep your feet warm.

While these fuzzy knit Shark Slippers may secretly dream of chomping their way up your shapely legs, you may rest assured that these bad boys will illicit no pain. On the contrary, you can sashay safely around your noble homestead, reveling in the exquisite comfort that these soft grey slippers (including adorable knit serrated teeth) are guaranteed to provide.

And if you aren’t into comfort, studies have proven that eating fish sticks while wearing Shark Slippers enhances their flavor.

Shark Slippers 2

Shark Slippers 3$20 From Etsy

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