SHERP ATV: Ready For Mass Murder?!


Do you ever think about killing people? I don’t mean, like your ex-girlfriend and her new lover, or your parents or something; I mean just random people. Like just snapping one day and ging out for a day of homicidal carnage that will be pondered over for decades (maybe centuries to come)? well you are f*cking sick, and you need to talk to a professional! But if you decide to go through with it, you are going to need protection, because the cops are definitely going to try and shoot you down!

Check out this tank… errr, submarine… err ATV? This thing is like the freaking Batmobile of ATV’s, and will provide you all the protection you need on your murderous rampage! It goes on all terrains, including water, and is virtually unstoppable if you don’t consider landmines and what not… oh wait, it protects against those too because it is so damned awesome!

It only costs 65 grand, and runs on a 44-horsepower engine. It weighs a little under 3,000 pounds, and can travel up to 27 miles per hour. Not ideal for a high speed chase, but you get the idea.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you kill anyone.



$65,000 From Sherp

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