Silicone Wine Glasses

Silicone Wine Glasses: These Wine “Glasses” Are Like Boobs!


We all get drunk. It’s just part of who we are and what we do. The difference between people like me, and people like you, is not that we have never spilled a drink or broken a glass. It’s that we can admit it and don’t fear it (can even laugh about it), while you live in constant fear of judgment, and could never fathom the embarrassment of dropping your drink or breaking a glass in front of the imbeciles you call your friends.

Well, for you, the ever amatuer drinker, comes these new silicone wine glasses! So now you can drink your bumbling ass away, and never worry about breaking a wine glass ever again.. because it isn’t made of glass. It is made of silicon.

Just imagine that your wine glass has been replaced by a boob that holds liquid. Now imagine someone with a boob cup goes to tap “glasses” with you to say ‘cheers’. Now imagine two boobs running into each other. That’s pretty much what this is like.

Silicone Wine Glasses 2

Silicone Wine Glasses 3

Silicone Wine Glasses 4

Silicone Wine Glasses 5

Silicone Wine Glasses 6

Silicone Wine Glasses 7$18.98 From Amazon

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