Skinners Sock Styled Footwear

The Skinners Sock Styled Footwear That Will Gove You Something Back


Are you tired of smelly, nasty socks? You know how nasty socks can get after wearing them just for a short time. I know many times my socks just end up in the trash as opposed to placing them in the washing machine. I really don’t want that toxic waste mingling with my clothes. You may not have such stinky feet as myself but would like to pleasure your feet in the ultimate in comfort.

You will want to check out Skinners Sock Styled Footwear which will provide your feet with a comfort only afforded to the rich and elite in the past. These socks are unlike anything you have seen in the past. You will feel as though your feet are as naked as a newborn baby! They feature a mesh ventilation zone, waterproof underside, and are created from an antibacterial yarn.

Not only are these going to be the most comfortable socks you have ever worn they are designed to remain non-stinky for a much longer time!

$32 From KickStarter

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