Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin

Leave A Cool Imprint On Your Victim’s Forehead With This Skull & Crossbones Rolling Pin!


You know, I see a lot of products with spooky themes and people are all like “Halloween is coming up”, and I’m all like “who gives a sh*t? My friends and I have Halloween every freaking day of the year!” And I’m taking the same approach with this product, because this is something you should use all the time… at least every time you are making cookies!

This is a rolling pin that has a skull and crossbones pattern indented into it, so when you roll out your cookie dough, it will look like they were made by a pirate! There are some hearts thrown in there too for some weird reason.

The skull & crossbones rolling pin is made of beech wood, and measures about a foot and a half in length. I’d like to point out that you could also murder someone with this item. It would be pretty easy to beat someone to death with it, and you would leave a pretty cool imprint on their forehead!

Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin 2

Skull and Crossbones Rolling Pin 3$34.46 From Etsy

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