Skull Egg Mold

Give Your Meals A Spooky Touch Using This Skull Egg Mold


If I ever had a kid (and, for now, I promise you I won’t), my house would probably be like the Adam’s Family. If I have a son, he would be like Pugsley, If I have a daughter, she would be like Wednesday. And every day before school, I would pack their lunches. And I would use something like this!

This is an egg mold that makes any hard-boiled egg look like a skull! So now your son or daughter or transgender (it’s 2016, people) can go to school and look like an outcast for two reasons. 1, because they are eating an egg for lunch instead of a snack pack. And 2, because it looks like a freaking skull!

The skull egg mold is made of food safe plastic, it is intended for AFTER YOU COOK THE EGG! You could probably do this with a soft boiled egg too (if you are careful) because any decent cook knows that soft boiled is WAY better than hard boiled!

$8 From Amazon

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