Space Egg Mold

This Space Egg Mold Is Cool AF


Space: the final frontier. If you are a fan of space exploration of science fiction, you have heard that phrase hundreds of times, if not more. If you dream of warp drives, green slave girls, and annular confinement beams, we have a piece of technology that is going to put your breakfast into warp drive!

Check out these awesome space egg molds, which are designed to bring a little bit of space to the breakfast table each morning. There is a rocket and an astronaut and they are sold separately. But for the life of me, I can’t see why you would buy just one. If you have a spaceship, you have to have a spaceman. Seriously, that is like the Enterprise without Kirk or Picard!

These are great for kids, geeks, or even geeky kids. Sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest sleepyhead. Heck, I know a few Klingons that would get a Qav Hagh over these molds. And yes, we just did speak in Klingon, so don’t judge us!

Space Egg Mold 2

Space Egg Mold 3
$7.44 From Amazon

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