Stainless Steel Skull Ice Cubes

Stainless Steel Skull Ice Cubes: Chill Those Drinks To The Bone


Do you feel that you are never able to put enough scare into your Halloween party? In fact, people say your parties are so lame that they would put Charlie Brown to shame. It can be hard to create the ultimate scare party, but we found something to add some intensity to your vibe.

Check out these stainless steel skull ice cubes for the ultimate in drink refreshment. All the ghouls and ghosts cannot complain about watered down drinks at your home! These skulls have the ability to keep all of your drinks ice cold. So whether you are indulging in Cokes or more hard-core libations, these will always help quench your thirst.

They have a flat bottom which allows them to rest on the bottom of the glass, so those eyes are always looking up at the guest. Quite creepy and should send a nice little shock! Don’t ever allow anyone to say your parties are harmless ever again!

$12.99 From Amazon

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