Stanley Stein Hockey Beer Mug

This Stanley Stein Hockey Beer Mug Will Keep You Out Of The Penalty Box


How drunk do yu need to get to find hockey really entertaining? If you are in Canada I would assume it is a rightfully entertaining sport in its own right, eh? However, for the rest of the world, they need a good helping of booze to sit through a full game. No offense the fights are entertaining, but the general game really doesn’t get me that excited.

If you love your beer while watching the Flyers faceoff against the Devils, you need the right drinking equipment. Could a replica a the Stanley Cup trophy make your beer and game any better? This Stanley Stein Hockey Beer Mug is the perfect addition to your playoffs or regular game night. Watch your hockey buddies drool as you sip the finest lager from your own stein!

This beautiful stein will hold up to 25 ounces of your favorite beverage! You will be happy to know it is made of a break-resistant acrylic so feel free to hurl the stein in a full on rage when the other team scores!

$27.50 From Amazon

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