Star Wars Death Star Bookends

Star Wars Bookends: The Force Is String With Your Books


How many books and comics do you have around the house or packed away in boxes? If you live a geeky lifestyle you more than likely have quite a few collections. It is time to get them out of those dusty boxes and put them proudly on display. Of course, you could use a boring bookshelf or a pair of dull bookends. But why would you?

There is no need to be boring when you can use the powers of the dark side. Take a look at this most impressive set of Star Wars Death Star Bookends. Most impressive, indeed. These are perfect to store your priceless collection of comics or the latest James Patterson novels. Whatever you are into reading are going to look more at home when embraced by the power of the Force!

Of course, you can never have a fully functioning Death Star. So this set includes one side still in the construction phase while the other side is ready to set its sights on Alderaan!

Star Wars Death Star Bookends 3

Star Wars Death Star Bookends 2

Star Wars AT-AT Bookends

Star Wars AT-AT Bookends 3

Star Wars AT-AT Bookends 2

Star Wars AT-AT Bookends 4
$69 From Etsy

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