Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

With This Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker The Circle Is Now Complete


It’s a trap! No, actually it is just a harmless Belgium waffle that takes the shape of the most devastating weapon ever created in this galaxy! This ingenious waffle maker could make ever Darth Vader smile with the delicious goodness it produces. Perfect Death Star Waffles ready for pure maple syrup and loads of butter. After a few of these you will not be joining the Rebellion anytime soon, you’ll be looking to take a nap in your favorite chair!

This waffle maker is fully operational and ready to serve you a plate full of 7″ waffles. While you may not get any pats on the back from Master Yoda, your family and friends will love these Star Wars themed treats. You will become King Of The Breakfast Geeks with just one serving!

This Star Wars Death Star waffle maker is available from our amazing friends at ThinkGeek who just keep popping these incredible gadgets out faster than an Alien chest burster! You can find them for under $30.00 and you will go to Mos Eisley and buy one (using my best Obi-Wan force voice).

So check it out and make breakfast complete for the Jedi in your life!

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker 2$39.99 From ThinkGeek

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