Star Wars & Harry Potter Wall Decal

Star Wars & Harry Potter Wall Decal: You’re A Wizard Harry..Or Possibly A Jedi?


How much of a nerd are you? Do you find it hard to choose your favorite movie genre? Can’t choose between Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter? It is a dilemma many hard-core nerds find themselves in. In fact, the world of geekdom has never been so populated with so many cool characters and movies.

If you are a fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter, we have found the perfect wall decal for your home. This high quality Star Wars and Harry Potter decal is large enough to share your love of both franchises. Featuring the classic Star Wars and Harry Potter fonts, this allows you to pledge your allegiance to both movie franchises.

Up close, this the count looks as though it has been hand-painted on the wall. However, it can be easily removed if you have a Star Trek friend coming over! Check it out and give yourself a true nerd orgasm.

$38 From Etsy

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  • my favorite movie is star wars duhh.??

    Sara Esa July 2, 2016 9:38 pm Reply

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