Star Wars Kama Sutra Book

Star Wars Kama Sutra Book: Is That Position Even A Possibility?


I am sure you have heard of the Karma Sutra book. I know you have because we have all peaked at in the book store when we were young to see the nudes. I know I am not alone in this case. Regardless the Kama Sutra is about to get a whole new level of freaky in a galaxy far, far away.

In this new paperback available on Amazon, S.N. Herder has proved he had way too much time on his hands to publish this book. However, it is great fun for the sexually depraved. Mind you I am not saying I am sexually depraved, just the general population. Regardless, this book features all of the authors Star Wars action figures in Karma Sutra like poses. I should warn you, Jar Jar Binks is featured.

Honestly, the positions in this book are just for entertainment purposes, do not try them at home. I honestly believe any man would break his lightsaber if he dared try the XXX Wing! I have to admit I am rather curious about this Revenge of the Fist, anyone up for it? Let me know!

Star Wars Kama Sutra Book 2

Star Wars Kama Sutra Book 3

Star Wars Kama Sutra Book 4$19.50 From Amazon

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