Star Wars Rolling Pin

Star Wars Rolling Pin: COOOOOOKIIIEEE


Let me just say, I love Star Wars. I LOVE it! I grew up with the original three films, painstakingly sat through all of the prequels, and enjoyed every single minute of ‘The Force Awakens’. But I do not speak Wookie. I know there are some die hard fans out there that do, but I would like to hold on to my childhood theory that every time Chewbacca spoke, he was asking for a treat.

Well going off of that theory, here is a Star Wars rolling pin, that has engravings in the shape of Star Wars stuff! There is the Star Wars logo, Darth Vader, Yoda, and a bunch of other ones!

The pin is made of beechwood and measures about 16 inches long, and 2 and a half inches in diameter. It is treated with oil that prevents dough from sticking to it. And just so you know, the website sells other themed rolling pins too. There is even one for ‘Breaking Bad’!

Star Wars Rolling Pin 2

Star Wars Rolling Pin 3

Star Wars Rolling Pin 4
$19 From Etsy

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