Stovetop Pizza Oven

Stovetop Pizza Oven: Get Off Microwaves!


I am not a patient person. In fact, if I have to wait for a train for more than one minute, people waiting around me will usually hear me blurt out a bunch of obscenities under my breath while I wait that 60 seconds. So, as a cook, it is natural that one thing I hate waiting for is the oven to heat up.

It’s f*cking madness just standing there, watching the temp rise for ten minutes while all I am thinking about is my glorious food, and one dish that this particularly applies to is pizza, because you have to cook pizza in the oven (seriously, if you eat microwaved pizza, you know nothing about good food)!

Well here to save the day is this Pizzeria Pronto stovetop pizza oven, here to give me my pie ten times faster! It is a makeshift oven that heats up over your stovetop, rather than waiting for that sh*t to heat up otherwise! Seriously, it reaches temps like 600 degrees in minutes, meaning it is like the stove equivalent of a microwave!

The mini oven actually measures 14 inches, has a pizza stone on the inside, and even includes a thermometer. If you cook a pizza in the microwave after using this thing, you just… plain… suck.

Stovetop Pizza Oven 2

Stovetop Pizza Oven 3

Stovetop Pizza Oven 4
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