Stress Sausages

Stress Sausages: Ummm… This Is A Dick!


Do you remember the Shake Weight? Remember how it totally looked like a bunch of guys giving furious handjobs? And remember how when the women’s version came out, all of us immediately supported it? It seems that jerking off has been a sexual undertone of plenty of products in the past. And here is another one that doesn’t even try to hide it!

It’s called the Stress Sausage, and I will first point out that even its name is slang for a dick. Also, the sausage is made to be stretched and squeezed… and it looks like a sausage, and sausages look like dicks. Most importantly, the creator seems to act as if it is obvious that this is supposed to look like a dick. In one of the photographs of him posing for the product, he has it hanging out of his pants… like a dick.

The stress dick is made of rubber, and comes in 3 different colors. No word yet on sizes, shapes, or ribbed for her pleasure.

Stress Sausages 2

Stress Sausages 3

Stress Sausages 4

$10.59 From FireBox

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