Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix That Will Sweet You Away


If you’re the sort of person that believes that if there’s no sugar, then there’s just no point, well, prepare to have your world rocked. This delicious Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix is sweetened naturally, with nature’s candy, stevia.

Stevia is cultivated from the plant stevia rebaudiana, and it’s 150 times sweeter than cane sugar. In your face, sugar!

This Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix will have little effect on blood glucose levels, which means it can be a smart alternative for those on carb-reduced or diabetic diets. And if you want to kick your sugar habit to the curb for other reasons (and we all know there are plenty) sipping on this comforting beverage is an easy way to start developing some good, sugar-free habits.

This hot chocolate comes in a variety of decadent flavors, like Dark Chocolate, Peppermint Stick, and Peanut Butter. You’re going to want to try them all. Heck, everyone needs at least one guilt-free indulgence in their lives!

$9.50 From Etsy

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