Suicide Coffee

Suicide Coffee: Jazz Up Your Morning Cup Of Joe


Do you find that the coffee you drink just doesn’t give you the jolt you hoped it would? If you’ve been thinking about adding cocaine or some other illegal drug to your coffee, stop. Trust me there are better ways of getting a caffeine buzz than juicing up your java with illegal drugs. Besides, do you really want a felony for hard-core coffee?

A better way would be to try Suicide Coffee. This is some of the most highly caffeinated coffee you can find and it is dangerously delicious. You just might feel like you are on crack-cocaine with this, just watch how much stuff as you can get done after one cup.

You’ll be happy to know that all the beans are perfectly roasted in Louisville, Kentucky and it can be used in any type of coffee machine or device. You will be more alert and focused through the whole day. Suicide Coffee has three times the amount of caffeine you find in your normal cup of Joe.

If you’re ready to give your taste buds a jolt and kick your ass into high gear, check out Suicide Coffee today.

$20 From Suicide Coffee

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