Super Mario Bros Bullet Bill Belt Buckle

Super Mario Bros Bullet Belt Buckle: Put Bullet Bill On Your Crotch!


When I think of Super Mario Brothers, there was one thing that I dreaded. It wasn’t Bowser, it was wasn’t the Koopas, it wasn’t even the red hot lava that seems to jump out of nowhere. No, to me, the most terrifying sight in those games, was seeing Bullet Bill hurtling towards me, with no rhyme or reason, just an unstoppable juggernaut, slowly coming my way, its only intent was to destroy me.

And I can think of no other place I would want that symbol to be, than on my crotch! And now that is a very real possibility, thanks to this “Bullet Bill Belt Buckle”! Yes, now you can pay homage to the scariest villain in video game history (fact check pending)!

The buckle is made of metal, and colored to look like a side view of Bullet Bill doing what he does best… Flying through the air and killing things!

Disclaimer: this is not a real bullet, and it will not fit in a gun, so don’t get any ideas!

$24.09 From Amazon

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