Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack

Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack: Have You Ever Heard Of Backpacks?!


I saw this kid walking down my street one day recently, and I ran out of my door and chased him down. I grabbed him by his coat and lifted him up off the ground.

“What is that?” I yelled in his face, “what the hell is that on your back?!”

The kid began to cry (because he couldn’t have been more than 7 years old), and I shook him harder.

“Answer me dammit!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, “what is that thing you’re wearing?!” He cried harder.

Just then, I felt a harsh thud on the back of my skull, and I woke up on the ground. I found out later, that the boys father had seen his child being accosted, ran up and cracked me the head, rendering me unconscious. There is currently a lawsuit pending against me.

Anyways, that “thing” the kid was wearing, is commonly referred to as a ”backpack”. And apparently, they are quite common. And they come in tons of different styles! Here is one of them:

This is the Super Mario Bros reversible backpack! What does that mean? It means that when you turn it inside-out, it looks exactly like it does rightside-out! So wait… which one is the real inside out then? Oh well.

The pack is made from standard materials and features a large main pocket and a smaller secondary pocket. One style sports the above ground level scenery from the first Super Mario game. When you turn the pack inside out, it sports scenery from the underground levels of the game. This would be great for committing crimes, when the police have a description of a certain backpack. You can just change it during your getaway!

Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack 2

Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack 3
$46.95 From 80sTees

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