Super Mario Mushroom Cupcake Pan: Making Cupcakes More Complicated!


If you are a cook, we have something in common. No, it’s not that we make great food (mine will always be better than yours), it’s that we have an appreciation for the science of food. And baking can be one of the most complicated processes that there is. So it is no wonder, that a cook somewhere (who obviously has a vendetta against other cooks), would their best to come up with something to make that process more difficult.

Well, here is the “Super Mario Mushroom Cupcake Pan”, which will make the relatively simple task of baking a cupcake even more complicated. How do you do that? You add more steps! So, with this pan, you actually cook the two haves of the cupcake (bottom and top) separately, and then connect them via frosting, and then you still have to frost the top of it! All and all it looks like a Mario mushroom.

You may not to do the work. But your guests do not know what goes into baking, and they want this… there is no escape.

Super Mario Mushroom Cupcake Pan
$11 From Amazon

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