Superhero Bottle Koozie

It’s a bird… It’s a Plane… It’s a Superhero Bottle Koozie!


Superheroes have always been a big part of the entertainment world. Recently, Under Armour decided to profit off superheroes by creating their Alter Ego brand. They have given the average Joe the opportunity to feel like a superhero by wearing their favorite hero shirts while working out. But what about the drinking Joe? What does he get? Everyone wishes they can be able to drink like their favorite hero. That is why Superhero Bottle Koozies now exist!

Those available for purchase are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. There is nothing more awesome than having a nice cold one while feeling like you are Bruce Wayne. The design of this koozie can keep your drink cold and your palm dry. You may want to be Superman in your everyday life, but that bottle sweat might just become your kryptonite. There is no longer a need to hide your true identity. Let’s face it, you are Superman. But don’t worry, Lex Luthor won’t be coming after you. That is assuming your friends don’t play a mean joke on you! Or what if you want to be that cool chick on the block who can drink like Wonder Woman? It’s always been your dream! Nobody cared who Bane was before he put on the mask, but they will certainly be caring about how that cool Superhero Bottle Koozie keeps your drink cold!

$29.99 From Foodiggity

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