Survival Gear Subscription Box

Survival Gear Subscription Box: Are You Ready To Survive?


Do you pride yourself on being ready for any situation that may come? You say bring on the floods, hurricanes, and zombies! You have a bug out bag ready and enough water and beans to get you through five years.

If this is describing you in even the slightest, we have found the perfect subscription box for you. This isn’t one of those silly boxes with Funko Pops, underwear, or even beer. This, my friends, is the survival gear subscription box. Each month, you will receive supplies that will help you get through any emergency survival situation.

You can rest easy knowing that you will have the very best brought to you each month until the mailperson becomes zombified! Each month you will let your rugged survival instincts down and open up with glee as you check out your emergency supplies. From saws and sporks to fuel and firestarters – this box has it all!

$25 From Prepper Gear Box

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