Taco Clutch Bag

The Taco Clutch Bag Gives You Some Spice In Life


I imagine you have almost every style and brand of handbag that is imaginable sitting in your closet. However, I must ask you this one question. Do you happen to have any tacos in your closet?

Yes, you did read that question right. I am going to assume for the sake of argument that you said no. If by some chance you did say yes, you need to do a thorough cleaning of your closet. Have no worries this time, as we’re simply talking about a very unique handbag.

Check out this incredible Taco Clutch Bag. It has literally been designed for the woman who has everything. Because I can almost guarantee you do not have this! This vibrant clutch bag is made out of hardened foam that is rich in color. It is designed to look like it was filled to the rim with cheese, tomato, and lettuce just like a real taco! In fact, this clutch bag looks better than the taco I ate last week.

Taco Clutch Bag 2

Taco Clutch Bag 3

Taco Clutch Bag 4

Taco Clutch Bag 5
$281.10 From Etsy

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