Take Out Box Laundry Hamper

Take Out Box Laundry Hamper: You can be Walter too!


I think we can all agree that Chinese food kicks ass, even if it IS our crappy Americanized version! Sometimes there is nothing better than having a night under the covers, watching Netflix, and stuffing our faces with lo mein and chicken wings from some restaurant that always seems to begin with the word “Lucky”!

Well now you can show your love of China (unlike a certain diabolical presidential candidate), with this laundry bag that looks like a giant Chinese food take-out box! It may look like you are toting around 25 pounds of pork fried rice, but you’ll really be adulting!

The bag is 2 feet tall, and made from polyester. It has a clever folding laundry design on it, and a rope handle. For some reason, they mention it is not microwave safe, but to add to it, the top even closes via 2 flaps that hook together!

And who doesn’t want to be Walter from “The Big Lebowski”?

“What the hell is this?”

“My dirty undies. Laundry, Dude. The WHITES!!!”

Take Out Box Laundry Hamper 2

Take Out Box Laundry Hamper 3
$24.99 From ThinkGeek

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