Tampon Flasks

Tampon Flasks: Bugs For Your Bug!


One big difference between men and women, is that men let loose every night, and women only do it during that magical and terrifying time every month when Aunt Flow comes to visit. Seriously, girls turn into weird reigning demons from hell during that time, and most men are lucky to come out of it alive! Or maybe I just don’t understand women.

Anyways, for the bleeding female who wants to drink, is this tampon flask. It looks like a tampon holder, but it’s actually a flask! It is guaranteed to make any doorman or security guard say “eewwww” and just let you sneak your whiskey into a club!

The flasks look like (you guessed it) tampons. They are surrounded by that familiar cotton coating, but fit a vile of whatever liquid you want inside. Well, at least you know the creepy doorman isn’t going to try and hit on you tonight! It’s a bunch if bugs for your vag bug!

Tampon Flasks 2$15.13 From Amazon

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