TARDIS Engagement Ring Box

Time and Relative Dimension in Love: TARDIS Engagement Ring Box


Now, you can show your special someone that you love them to Gallifrey and back. The LED TARDIS Engagement Ring Box is NOT a type 40 time/space machine. It will NOT take you to a time and relative dimension in space. However, it is modeled after something that will. But, I mean, how can you possibly ask someone to marry you without popping a ring into this bad boy first?

The ring box is modeled after the TARDIS from Doctor Who, which, consequently, looks like an English phone booth from the 1930’s. For those of you that don’t know (and, if you don’t, I really doubt you’re still reading right now. You probably checked out quite some time ago), the TARDIS is essentially a time machine used by Doctor Who in the television series “Doctor Who”. You can even use a cool line like “Baby, when I met you, you broke my chameleon circuit and now I’m stuck on you”…That line could probably use some refinement, but you get the idea, right?

$69.50 From Etsy

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