The Book Of Yeezus

The Book Of Yeezus: One More Step To Yeezus Domination


Kanye West…you either love him or hate him, there is no in between. However, I think we can all agree that he sure does love himself. This is a man with a true narcissistic attitude and he has no low self-esteem issues. Whatever, you think of him, you still are interested in what is going to come out of his mouth for better or for worse.

For a moment, could you imagine how things would have played out if Kanye had lived during biblical times. Or to take it one step further what if Kanye was the Ol’ Mighty Father?

Believe it or not, someone has actually considered that and recreated The Old Testament with a new generation in mind. The Book of Yeezus takes every reference of “God” and replaces it with “Yeezus” or “Kanye. It is an interesting read as long as you are not offended by religious readings. The book itself is actually quite beautifully crafted and will give you a new perspective on The Bible.

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