The Caperon

The Caperon: For the Ultimate GrillMan


Move over Captain America! The Caperon is turning everyday citizens into lean, mean steak grillin’ machines! Well maybe not, but at least they look good doing it!

With a star spangled cape that makes Captain America look like Martha Stewart, this thing is sure to make your guests think twice before letting you know you burnt the sausages. It doesn’t matter if your special power is getting that perfect medium rare on an epic slab of beef, or grilling a burger so juicy that Wonder Woman gives you her number.. The Caperon lets everyone know – You are the master of the BBQ Universe.

The Caperon comes fully equipped with a holster for easy access to your tools and condiments. With so many featured packed into just one Caperon, it really is a wonder Wayne Enterprises didn’t bring these things to market already. Shame on you Batman.

These things are literally flying off the shelf…pun intended.

Note: Superhuman cooking powers not included. May or may not assist your ability to fly.

The Caperon 2

The Caperon 3$62.40 From Beta Brand

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