The Champagne Gun

The Champagne Gun: Can You Party Like A Rockstar?


Do you feel as though there is just too much violence on television and movies? Do you hope for a day when guns can be a thing of a past? That day has just become a reality with the champagne gun.

Instead of spraying the landscape and humans with bullets the champagne gun gushes out your favorite adult beverage. This gun is one surefire way to get the party started at the next rave. Or perhaps you are looking for the ultimate wet t-shirt contest, this will make the girls and guys go wild!

The champagne guns are currently available in cold, chrome, and rose on for every mood and personality. While we realize that not every day is a day to strip naked and shower each other with champagne, the gun has a switch that allows the beverage to be poured. But let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you rather get naked and spray expensive champagne like Rambo?

The Champagne Gun 2

The Champagne Gun 3
$459 From ChampagneGun

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