The Little Mermaid Bikini

I Can’t Think Of A Title. I’m Busy Staring At This Hot Little Mermaid Bikini!


Look. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being turned on by a cartoon character. In fact, anime porn is one of the largest markets in the industry. And you can’t deny that you (at one point or another) found yourself fantasizing about Marge Simpson when she was drunk.

But, like with any fantasy, we all want the same thing. We want it to be real!

Well now it can be, with this Little Mermaid Bikini! That’s right, now you can dress your girlfriend/blow-up doll up to look like your favorite underage mermaid who just wants to be part of your world!

The two pieces are sold separately, and both pieces are made of shiny 85% polyester and 15% spandex, with a purely polyester lining. The top looks like Ariel’s famous clam-shell boob holder, and the bottom piece is styled to look like the slick, and sexy…. fish tail.

Cartoon porn addiction aside, with this bikini top, you can do something that man has pondered for centuries, yet has never come up with a practical solution to: you can finally have…dinner with a mermaid!

$24.50 From Amazon

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