The Mysterious Package

The Mysterious Package: Live On Shutter Island!


Nobody likes a good mystery….. Wait…. Yes they do! Mysteries are what entertainment is actually all about. We watch a movie to see what happens at the end (except porn… well, no porn falls into that too). We read a book to see what the last page will say. And we join dating sites to see exactly how awkward an internet blind date can be!

Have you heard of LootCrate? It’s a site that sends you a box every month that is someway geek related. Well this is the same idea, only they send you a box that involves you in a mystery! So you can actually pretend your life is interesting while immersing yourself in a story that cleverly plays out!

First, you receive an old timey looking box with a photo or something of the sort inside. Every package after that reveals more and more of the story. All of the contents are fact checked and historically accurate!

This is actually pretty cool for anyone with a vivid imagination!

$190 From Mysterious Package

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