The Reason You Drink Wine Label

The Reason You Drink Wine Label: Better Show Your Kid’s Teacher Some Respect!


I think we could all agree that kids are little monsters. Well, most of them anyway. Kids have no respect because they have not been around long enough to be truly humbled by life. Many parents can tell you countless stories of the hell spawn they created. But never forget, that there are people who spend virtually as much time with your kid as you do. And those people have to put up with the same kind of entitled sh*t that you do. And those people are teachers.

Well here is a perfect way to say thank you to the person who deals with your little Satan on a daily basis. It is a label for a bottle of wine, that will have a picture of your child, and says “My child might be the reason you drink”!

The label is about 4 by 5 inches and fits a standard wine bottle. Send a high res photo of your hell spawn to the seller and they will gladly put it on!

The Reason You Drink Wine Label 2

The Reason You Drink Wine Label 3$9.99 From Etsy

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