The Ultimate Tool For Smokers And It’s Not An Iron Lung!


How many times do you find yourself rolling a joint and find yourself in dire need of scissors? If you have already been lighting up, it might be a rough journey for any tool. There are just times when you are not meant to enjoy the premium grass you collected from your cousin or have had stashed under the mattress for the past year. If you want to ensure that your prep time comes uninterrupted you may want to check out the smoker’s multi-tool.

Keep in mind you do not have to be a certified stoner to fund this tool useful. In fact, you could vape, dab, or smoke Virginia Slims. Regardless of what you are into this tool is designed just for you. The smoker’s multi tool contains everything you need to make the perfect cigar, cigarette, or joint…if you are into the illegal stuff.

Also known as the Nuggy it contains, scissors, tamper, knife, even a clip to pass around your masterpiece. Never let not having the right tool get in the way of your smoking pleasure again.

The Smoker’s Multi-Tool 2

The Smoker’s Multi-Tool 3

The Smoker’s Multi-Tool 4
$33 From NugTools

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