The Softub

The Softub: Grab A Few Friends And Soak


Have you ever dreamed about being able to soak in a luxurious tub under the stars or the hot summer sun? Of course, you could always go the traditional route and have a full hot tub installed in your yard. That is if you have several thousand dollars hidden under your mattress! For most of us, that is simply not an option. But fear not you do not have to go dig a hole and fill it with water and let the kids fart to get bubbles. We are going to show you a much more inexpensive way to get the luxury you want.

Check out the softub for the best in luxury and price. This soft tub is designed to bring a relaxing hot tub to just about any part of your home. This can be placed in the yard, basement, even your bedroom if you desire! No longer are you forced to deal with hot tubs that weigh in the tons! The largest of the Softubs can hold up to six adults for a night of fun! What 6 adults do in a hot tub are between you and them, we do not need the details!

Enjoy your life and don’t feel as though you have to take out a second mortgage to enjoy a relaxing soak!

The Softub 2

The Softub 3

The Softub 4
$3,595 – $5,195 From Softub

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