The Survival Bandana

The Survival Bandana For The Camping Inept!


I forget who said it, but I am pretty sure it is anyone who has ever gotten lost in the woods… nature sucks. And I would tend to agree with them. I like camping as much as the next guy I guess, but I hate sleeping outside, and I would rather poop in a toilet any day rather than a hole in the ground or something. I mean seriously, what the hell is it showing that you would rather poop like an animal than a normal person that makes you feel more like a man?!

Well this product is for people like you and I. This is a bandanna that has a bunch of survival information printed on it. They call it The Ultimate Survival Bandanna, and it is for all of us that are bit wilderness inept!

The bandanna is made from soft brushed polyester, and is bright orange, so it is good for signaling planes. It is pretty big for a bandanna, 39 by 39 by 52, so it can also be used as a small rope or a sling. It has a bunch of information printed on it by category, from navigating, to water purification.

Still doesn’t answer my poop question though.

The Survival Bandana 2

The Survival Bandana 3

The Survival Bandana 4$10.95 From Amazon

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