The Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit

The Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit: This Thing For Smart People


When I was a child in elementary and grade school, my teachers thought I was a genius. And because of that, I thought I was too. So, one day I asked my mother “Mom, if I’m a genius, how come I am so bad at math? Why can’t I understand how computers work? Why don’t I understand things like chemistry and physics?”
She didn’t have a response and just told me to clean my room. But my theory was always that I wasn’t a genius, I just happen to grow up in a stupid community. Sounds egotistical, I know, but it’s the truth.

But, for you REAL smart people out there here is something you may like. This is a complete Arduino starter kit. Now, I didn’t even know what Arduino was until writing this, but it is an open computer interface for devices that control the world around them… like remote controls… I think.

Anyways, the kit includes about 200 electrical parts and components. And if that seems like a lot to you, don’t worry because it comes with a manual. You could also give this to someone who thinks they are smart to make them feel stupid!

The Ultimate Arduino Starter Kit 2$54.99 From Amazon

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