The Walking Dead Miniatures Game

The Walking Dead Miniatures Game: Death Has Never Been This Much Fun


Do you feel as though Rick, Carl, Michone, and Daryl have become good friends, if not members of the family? Like many you may worry that you may lose one or all of them through a stray bullet or Walker bite. Don’t worry as you are not the only one with these fears as we tune into The Walking Dead on a weekly basis. With a show where the characters drop every week it is best to be prepared for that event.

While you could set a shrine up in your living room after your favorite character dies, family and friends may find that just a little odd! We have found one of the best ways to keep the memory of your favorite character alive is by reliving your favorite memories of them. Case is point, is The Walking Dead miniatures game. This is not your typical game that forces you around a boring game board.

With this incredibly fun game you are forced to use your mind in order to avoid other human factions and hordes of Walkers. The point is being able to survive as long as possible. You will need to use your mind, creativity, instincts, and hopefully have a little luck on your side if you hope to survive!

If you are ready to fear the living and fight the dead, this is a game you need on your table!

The Walking Dead Miniatures Game 2

The Walking Dead Miniatures Game 3
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