The X-Cube

The X-Cube: A Truly Wicked Toy That Will Make You Insane


If you have ever thrown a Rubik’s cube down on the ground out of frustration or pulled the stickers off to “solve” it, you need to stop reading right now. Because the next puzzle in line could have the potential to do serious damage to your mental health! In fact, just looking at the X-Cube is getting me distressed and sweating profusely! Keep in mind, I have no logic, so these puzzles terrify me!

The X-Cube is designed to bring a new level of insanity to the concept of the Rubik’s cube. In this case, there are more rows. In fact, it has gracefully added 4 extra layers and 32 extra pieces! What are these developers thinking? Are they trying to send us all into a psychiatric ward? If my basic calculations are correct that is almost 125 decillion possible permutations! We are looking at 2 quadrillion times more than the original. These numbers are literally killing my head, thank goddness porn is so easy to find on the internet!

If you think you are up for the task, give it a go. But for guys like me who used their original Rubik’s cube when I couldn’t find a baseball, this one is out of the league! However, if you are looking for a way to help develop cognitive abilities in young kids and teens, this is an excellent way to punish them….I mean help them learn!

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