They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask

They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask: Trump Out Your Halloween Attire


There are many of those in society that believes there is something just not quite right with Donald Trump. Perhaps it’s his squinty eyes, his hair, or just the billions of dollars he owns. Whatever it is a lot of people simply do not like him.

This got me to thinking about an incredible film from 1988 called John Carpenter’s They Live. Which by the way if you’ve never seen that, check it out on Netflix or simply buy it, as it is amazing. The basic premise of this movie stated that all of America’s rich and elite were secret aliens.

Now looking at Donald Trump and listening to the words that come out of his mouth, it may just have some relevance!

So, if you’re looking to get ahead of the pack for Halloween or the political race we have found the perfect mask for you. You’ll want to check out the They Live Alien Donald Trump mask. I guarantee you will have so many people complimenting you and asking about your mask that you will not be able to get a word in.

This mask features the grotesque alien faces from the movie perfectly along side Trump’s trademark hair. All you need to do is find a killer suit, build a giant wall and you will be the perfect doppelganger!

Check out this mask and make Halloween ‘huge”.

They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask 2$69.99 From Trick or Treat Studios

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