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Thing Explainer: This Is A Good Toilet Book


So, I’ll be honest. I am just kind of sitting here and staring at my computer screen right now. I am in a state of… well, it’s a mix of bewilderment, disappointment, and confusion. Not at what this product is, but what it really means, as a reflection on our current society. Do people really need this? Are there people that need this kind of assistance? Or is it more of kind of a gag gift, maybe something for bathroom reading.

This is the “Thing Explainer”, written by Randall Munroe. It is a book, explains what certain things are in Laymen’s terms. When I first saw it, I thought that maybe it was going to describe things like algebra, or astrophysics, or political history. You know, things like that.

But, among the different segments are things like the microwave, and bridges, and the solar system. These are things that I thought everybody knew about. Munroe even goes so far as to give them Laymen names (the microwave, he calls “food-heating radio box”. Each segment has 1000 words on the history of the subject and how it works.

I will give the book credit where it’s due. Some of the other subjects are more complicated, like tectonic plates, and the international space station. I would probably buy this as a bathroom reader.

Thing Explainer 2

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