Tie Dye Rainbow Converse

Tie Dye Rainbow Converse: Modernized Sneakers!


Do you remember the 80’s? I do, which makes me feel old sometimes, but then again, I have been going through a midlife crisis. The 80’s were full of bright colors in fashion (thanks to The Fresh Prince) dayglow fanny packs, and of course, Converse shoes! And sh*t things keep making a comeback! JNCO jeans are coming back in a semi-big way too.

So, in keeping with the making-comeback, and adhering to the current times, comes these rainbow converse. Which perfect, due to the US supreme court’s decision last year to legalize gay marriage! You don’t have to be gay to wear these, but the shoes are definitely coming out at the perfect time!

They obviously come in all different sizes, and are custom made to order. You have a variety of bright colors to choose from. They are made with Converse shoes and dye, and I am assuming, a healthy dose of awesomeness! When you order, you can choose all the specs you want!

Rainbow Converse

Tie Dye Rainbow Converse 2$100 From Etsy

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