Upside Down Wine Glass

Upside Down Wine Glass: Gather Round Your Drunken Friends


Do you love to have fun at the expense of your drunk friends? If you are like me, it is quite possibly the best night of semi-free entertainment! All that is needed is a group of friends and a full bar and you will have a night to remember. It will usually end up with a trip to the ER and several of your friends in various stages of undress.

Of course, it never has to go that far. If you are looking to have some simple fun on their drunkenness there is a good alternative. You will want to check out the upside down wine glass for hours of entertainment on your part!

This simple trick glass will have you sipping your favorite beverage out of the base and will be sure to confuse many of your inebriated friends! Whether you are looking for a great gag or are just tired of the same pretentious wine glasses – this glass needs to be in your home!

$10.02 From Red5

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