USB Kill Stick: Kill All The USBs


Don’t ask me why but I hate it when people think they can just come along and insert anything into my USB stick. It makes my stick look like the office whore. Not really sure why this knots up my britches but it does. It’s not like it is costing me anything or draining my power, just one of those human oddities.

If I was a normal person, this is where my bad behavior would end. However, I simply cannot let go of the simplicities of life, they just eat at me. Which I guess is what has brought us to the USB Kill Stick. No longer will your stick simply be used, abused, and forgotten. Now you will make sure that no one takes advantage of your stuff again.

The USB Kill Stick goes directly to work by overloading its capacitors and permanently disabling the enemy! Sounds like something out of Star Trek, doesn’t it? Is this all neccesary? Not really, but it is really cool!

$56 From USBKill

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