Vessi Beer Fermenter: Sit On Your Ass And Go With The Flow… Of BEER!


As a beer drinker, I insist that we can all agree that beer is friggin awesome! As Homer Simpsons once said beer is “the cause and solution to all of life’s problems”, and I have to agree with that. With that being said, everything that has to do with beer immediately jumps to the front page of my priority list, which is probably why I have experienced a long timeline of being dumped in my lifetime…. Anyways…

This thing comes to us from Vessi. And it is every beer lover’s dream come true! It is a beer fermenter that will have you skipping those nightly trips to the store for your drinking provisions! Now you can just sit on your ass and the beer pretty much just comes to YOU!

It works quite simply. After your boiled first step has reached room temperature, pitch the yeast in this contraption, and wait for 7 days. And that’s it! You now have 6 gallons of delicious bubbly at your disposal.

The Vessi is counter height and 2 feet wide and looks kind of like a small kitchen sink. Cheers!

Vessi Beer Fermenter

Vessi Beer Fermenter 2

Vessi Beer Fermenter 3

Vessi Beer Fermenter 4

Vessi Beer Fermenter 5

Vessi Beer Fermenter 6
$1,400+ From Indiegogo

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