Volkswagen Bus Purse

The Volkswagen Bus Purse: So Hip It Hurts


Volkswagen Bus lovers are a unique breed of people. Whether they found themselves in the 1960s, or just wish they had, they believe in living a life of free love, peace, and harmony. That, or else they are hipsters.

Whichever type of person you are, you will want to represent your love for the vehicle (or the free love era, or both) with this handcrafted Volkswagen Bus Purse. This unique, functional work of art is an accessory that you will find yourself reaching for every day.

It’s fashioned from genuine leather, and lightly padded, so that it’s guaranteed to keep its charismatic boxy shape. It measures 17” wide, 7” high, and 7” deep, and comes with a detachable strap. The bag opens from the top, and has two zippered compartments within that will let you keep your go-go boots and bell bottoms safe.

You will love the Volkswagen Bus Purse so much that you may find you need two: one to carry all your belongs, and another to play with as a model toy car. Vroom-vroom!

Volkswagen Bus Purse 2

Volkswagen Bus Purse 3

Volkswagen Bus Purse 4$195 From Etsy

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