The Vortex Water Fountain Will Ignite Your Landscaping


Do you ever get bored by your landscaping? Sure you have a few garden gnomes and mushrooms scattered about the yard. If you are really on top of things you may even have that cool little sculpture of the Dutch boy and girl kissing. Not to say your yard is lacking is the gardening understatement of the year.

If you have been looking to add a significant wow-factor to your yard you have found it in the vortex water fountain. I guarantee this is unlike any water fountain you have seen before. This looks like a science fair experiment gone horribly wrong or right depending on your view.

This gravity defying fountain is a work of art that will become the focal point of your landscape design. You will swell with pride as friends, family, and strangers drive for miles for a chance to see your jaw-dropping fountain. While the price is just as jaw-dropping, we think this is one wallet emptying accessory you need!

Vortex Water Fountain

Vortex Water Fountain 2
$2,799.99 From Water Feature Specialist

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