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These Water Balloon Filler Are Just (Not) In Time For Summer!


Well, it’s summertime, and that can only mean one thing: you are about to feel what hell on Earth would feel like, as the sun decides to bestow its unholy wrath on you for the next few months. Okay, two things, because it also means it is time for water balloon fights! And the people at Fab Quality, Think Geek, and Aqua Antics are all thinking of you!

First from Fab Quality, is this contraption that looks like something you would spank you wife with in the bedroom. But it is far from an S&M toy, it is called the Bunch Oh Balloons! It is actually something you attach to your hose that can fill up 100 water balloons in 60 seconds flat! It also comes with an ebook that will be mailed to you, which has a bunch of games you can play with water balloons.

Bunch Oh Balloons

$11.88 From Amazon

Next, from Think Geek, is this weird looking thing called the Tie Not Water Balloon Filler that also attaches to the end of a hose. Only this one has an extra piece that will help you easily tie the balloon once it’s finished filling up! I have watched the video about 20 times and I still don’t understand how it works, but it seems legit. Seems to work in the video anyway.

Tie Not Water Balloon Filler

$4.99 From ThinkGeek

And finally, the people at Aqua Antic have designed this water balloon filler (although I suppose it would just be called a balloon filler, because a water balloon has to be full to even be considered a water balloon… freaky), which attaches to your picnic table to somehow make it easier to get ammo. They call it The Water Balloon Factory, and it has an automatic on/off valve so it just starts filling up your balloon as soon as you put it over the end (this would be a great way to torture your siblings, if you forced them to put their mouth over it). I don’t think it looks easier, but maybe it is.

Aqua Antic Water Balloon Filler$12 From Amazon

So go out and have a blast with these things, because summer is here!

What? What’s that? You say summer is over? It’s October?

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